ENGR 888: Seminar for Engineering Teaching Assistants

ENGR 888 is intended to help new graduate teaching assistants in the College of Engineering become more effective in their teaching. This is a blended course with three face-to-face meetings that are supplemented by 10 online learning modules.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of ENGR 888, students should be able to:

  • Engage in strategic course planning by aligning various components (i.e. objectives, instruction, and assessment) for a specific course
  • Write clear and concise objectives for a unit of the course they are teaching
  • Define academic integrity and know how the steps to implement appropriate procedures if academic integrity issues are violated in their course
  • Identify advantages and disadvantages of various instructional methods (i.e. active learning, problem-based learning, discussion, collaborative learning)
  • List methods of classroom assessment including the advantages and disadvantages of each (multiple-choice tests, constructed-response tests, projects, etc.)

Key Course Activities

  • Online class activities including discussion boards and reflections
  • Attendance at three in-person meetings
  • Mid-Semester Feedback Activity and Report
  • Peer Observation and Report

Additional information on these activities can be found in the ENGR 888 Canvas course or by contacting Dr. Stephanie Cutler.

ENGR 888 is offered in both the Fall and Spring semesters, so graduate students are highly encouraged to wait until their TA position including leading required classroom time before enrolling in the course. For graduate students with TA positions that do not include leading required classroom time, please review the information on TA Orientation.



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