Teaching Assistant Orientation

Teaching Assistants whose responsibilities primarily include grading, tutoring, assisting a course instructor, or holding office hours are required to attend the College of Engineering Graduate TA Orientation. Students whose responsibilities fit this category should NOT enroll in ENGR 888; rather they should attend the TA orientation.

Topics included in the session include:

  • grading concerns,
  • ethical responsibilities (especially as it relates to academic integrity), and
  • tutoring strategies.

Students who have taken or are currently enrolled in ENGR 888 do not need to attend TA Orientation.

  • Students who have participated in the TA Orientation in previous semesters do not need to attend.

Additional information about TA Orientation can be found by contacting Dr. Stephanie Cutler.

TA Orientation is offered in both the Fall and Spring semesters, so graduate students are highly encouraged to wait until they hold a TA position before attending. For graduate students with TA positions that include leading required classroom time, please review the information on ENGR 888.



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